Scholarships are Available!

How to get a Coupon Code

It is our mission that everyone has access to adventure, no matter what. Our lessons vary in price, which only covers a portion of the staff time, site use, travel, equipment use and insurance. Generous donations are supporting these programs to make sure no one gets turned away. We ask that you try to pay at least $20 for the program, but you pick the price based on what you can afford. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions. No scholarship application required, no questions asked.

How to get a Coupon Code:

  1. Email Michelle with the price you'd like to pay at [email protected].

  2. She'll reply with a coupon code that you'll apply at checkout.


NOTE: If you are coming from a specific agency that is covering your participation, you will also need a Coupon Code to register. Email Michelle!